Monday, 22 September 2014

The power of reflecting

Collaboration Towers from Emma Martin on Vimeo.

I gave the children a challenge. Build the tallest tower. They made mistakes, gave in, got upset or bossed everyone! All good ways to learn when you reflect on it. We talked about what collaboration looks like and sounds like, then tried again. The towers got built and everyone felt valued. Take a look....

Questions, questions

Holland questions from Emma Martin on Vimeo.

Room 11 are following an inquiry into life in Holland. We are learning a cultural dance and have lots of questions. We are hoping that Oscar's aunty will watch this with her class over in Holland and answer some of our wonderings/questions. It might be tricky as we know they speak Dutch in Holland and she will need to translate.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Community Views on Health and P.E.

Here is a link to a survey we are conducting to find out the views of our parents about Health and P.E. Please take a few minutes to do the survey to help our school.

Thanks in advance Emma Martin